Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I've felt the Almighty Power of God!!

Wow! Three Years!!

Three Years ago today (August 3,2008) the Lord looked down and so mercifully gave me the Holyghost. He has blessed me so much! I could never repay him for all that he is done for me... He has been by my side when I felt all alone, he has comforted me, dried my tears, brought me through the trails of life, and sent me many wonderful testimonies and blessings. He has healed me! Sent just what I needed right on time... Every time! I am just so thankful to have him on my side.

He has blessed me with an amazing  husband whom is full of the Holyghost and works for the Lord so well. He has helped us so much already and I know he will always be there for us as long as long we keep him first. Ethan has helped me along the way as well. There were things I would go through and not know which way to turn or what to do... And he would just start talking to me about experiences he had and it would just help me to see that I could make it through. I am so thankful the Lord sent him to me and he has just worked and is working our life's out. I truly believe the Lord just placed him in my life right on time.

He has blessed my family with the wonderful Holyghost. I have a father, stepmother, and now TWO sisters with the Holyghost! He has helped our family through a lot of tough times, sickness and more and I am soo very thankful for that. I am truly blessed to have such a good, loving family.

 He has blessed me with many wonderful friends over the past 3 years... Some that have came and gone and others who have been true friends and stuck with me through the tough times. Just to name a few my sisters, Brett and Tristan Bethany have been there with me through EVERYTHING. I know the Lord sent them to me. When I got the Holyghost I didnt really know many people but the Lord just sent me some really amazing friends. I am also so thankful for them.

I really just have a thankful heart today! I cant believe it has been 3 years today and I am sooo Happy!! I love the peace that I can still feel today and I am just thankful for all the Lord has blessed me with.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.