Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Corn shucking at ten o'clock....Not again (:

Monday: Yesterday I worked. Once I got home I did some couponing (: I have a TON of coupons!!! I got like two newspapers yesterday so me and Amber sat there and clipped, clipped, clipped. Now I feel very well organized and ready to save some money. lol

Last night:
Soo Mamaw Bevelry and Papaw Bobby always do a big garden and then the whole family takes part in helping and getting all the goods. (: Last night Jamie comes in and its almost 9 telling us that Papaw Bobby says the corn is ready. Amber, Ethan, and I just kinda sat there cause they thought they had it covered. Jamie was doing the picking, Gina was doing the shucking. At like 9:30 (Yes it was dark) Gina comes in and says can yall please help me? We're never going to get done with this. So here we go!

First of I have never done corn before... I had no idea that there could be WORMS, ANTS, and other nasty bugs IN THE CORN!!! Sorry if I just ruined it for you too. (: Anywho... I freak out about bugs. That is about the only time when I'm a sissy little girl...when a bug touches me, gets on me, or just looks my direction lol. We sure enough bugs and WORMS every where. We had a pretty good time doing it. Laughed our heads off! Ethan was pretty much throwing corn juice all over everyone while trying to cut the ends off. . . If I seen a bug on a piece of corn...you might as well duck because I chunched it! Amber was whinning around about having to stand... She says her grandparents let her sit down to do corn lol It was just a hilarious memory!

Well.... Finally after like an hour and a half of feeling like I had bugs crawling all over me and being covered in corn, corn juice, corn hair, etc... I got to go get in the shower. Praise the Lord!! But the terror wasnt over just yet.. Ethan had just got a shower and left for work, therefore his bug infestive clothes were in the bathroom... Sure enough he had WORMS in his pants!!!!!! I screamed for Gina and she came to my rescue lol (: Thank the Lord for her!

Well that was what my day consisted of, I hope you had a great one as well (:

until tomorrow,


  1. that post made me happy. i would say that you guys should have called me for backup but i was glued to the bachelorette all night lol. i definitely feel like amber told you how much i talked ab couponing sunday allll the way to church haha.

  2. Cas- (: Thank you!
    Bee- Thanks for the offer anyways... I'll be sure to hit you up the next time Jamie pulls something like that on us lol. haha SHE DID!! While i was going crazy about my coupons she was like oh Lord Brett does that too!! She has SOO much stuff lol (:

  3. that is so funny about the bugs... 2 kids with the poops, the pukes, and boogers later you will welcome the bugs

  4. Sister Lacey- You are HILARIOUS!! I definitely LOL'd to that. Hopefully it'll be a LONG time before I have to deal with that lol