Wednesday, October 19, 2011

. . . so many thoughts running through my head

       Our dear friend Taylor. . .  For some reason I just can't except that she is gone. Like I see her picture and I'm like how in the world could this be true. Did this really happen?... I know it was her time and the Lord called her home. I know she's now happier than she could ever ever be. I know she is making a beautiful angel!! It just seems so unreal. I'm thankful for the time I got to share with her. I've known since I got the Holyghost and started visiting Hytop (about 3 years ago) but just within the last six months we've actually gotten to spend time together. Thanks to Steadfast and Jared (:
        I'm thankful I got to know such a sweet, happy girl. She was always SO bubbly (: Her laugh seems to keep coming back to me because it was so cute and quite hilarious!! (: I'm sure everyone who knew her knew her laugh. It was definitely the best. We definitely had some hilarious times at practice... haha. Jameson was trying to aggravate me and he ran like straight into a chair. We laughed so hard we we're crying. She had just showed me all her senior portraits, which were beautiful!!
       ha.. we went with Steadfast to get their pictures made for their CD and this place was beautiful. I can't remember what it was called but it was a natural bridge and it made pretty pictures. Anyways.. after all the picture taking we were hungry so we decided to go into guntersville and eat at Pizza Hut. Well Jared had no idea where he was so they were going to follow us.... let's just say we all left got to Pizza Hut and no Jared and Taylor.. Haha I'm pretty sure they decided to forget us and go to restaurant they actually knew where it was. (:

The last time I seen her was at Skyline Church. We went up to visit on a saturday night (and i'm sooo thankful we did) Taylor being her friendly self came up to me and made me feel welcome. But what I remember most is how she felt the Lord. She went and laid hands on a brother and the Lord blessed her!!! (: (: (: Gives me chills thinking about it now. I'm so thankful we got to be in church with her one last time.

I love you so much Taylor. And I miss you already and I know everyone else does too! You we're such a good person and you have now gained your reward (: Have fun rejoicing with Jesus and we will see you soon sweet girl!!

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